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Piercings & Body Tattoos


Elan Vitale custom Body Tattooing is private, clean and comfortable. Our artistic designs are produced by Johnny and Devan our in house artists with your preferences and guidance should you wish to be involved in the design process.

Pricing with Johnny starts at $110/hour

Pricing with Devan starts at $80/hour

*some art is priced per piece rather than hourly



Piercing is only offered with sterile needles. Our boutique is stocked with a wide variety of surgical steel and titanium piercing jewelry. Basic jewelry is included in the cost of piercing, if you wish to upgrade to a special piece of jewelry it can be sterilized onsite with our autoclave. Parental consent is required for piercing of minors under the age of 16. Body Piercing is offered with parental consent over the age of 14. Nipple Piercing is offered for age 18+ We do not offer genital piercing.

Ear Lobes (pair)
$60 both
Single Ear Lobe
Other singular ear piercings
Creative ear piercings
Priced upon consultation
Face & Body Piercing
Body Tattooing
$110/hour or priced per piece

Medical Micropigmentation

Medical Micropigmentation can be utilized for scar, birthmark or vitiligo camouflage.  Areola reconstruction is possible after mastectomy and filling in thinning hair lines can be accomplished using Micropigmentation techniques.

Medical Micropigmentation
$110/hour or priced per project

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