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Hair Removal


3 types of electrolysis are available by our technician -depending on client comfort level, hair type and texture. Galvanic uses electrical current to create a chemical reaction within the hair follicle that is most effective on thick, curly hair.  Thermolysis utilizes a heat pulse to destroy the hair papilla.  A blend of both methods will permanently destroy even stubborn hair to remove and is save for all skin and hair types. 

90 Minutes
60 Minutes
30 Minutes
15 Minutes


Laser Hair removal at Elan Vitale utilizes a Lightsheer Diode Laser for the most effective treatments.  A diode laser is safe for all skin types, hair that is dark in colour is a primary target and can be effectively destroyed -often permanently, after multiple treatments.

Custom packages and pricing are always available, please inquire about special pricing.

Upper Lip or Chin
Anterior Neck and Chin
Full Face
Neckline (back of the neck)
Under Arms
Upper or Lower Arms
Full Arms
Hands & Fingers
Upper or Lower Back
Full Back
Abdomen Line
Abdomen / Tummy
Complete Upper Torso
Buttocks Only
Bikini Line (*add $40+ for bikini hair that extends to upper thigh)
Frontal Only Brazilian
Full Brazilian (front & back)
Full Brazilian and Buttocks
Upper or Lower Legs
Full Legs
Feet & Toes

Body Waxing & Sugaring

Elan Vitale aestheticians offer the options of soft wax, hard rose wax and body sugaring.  Your aesthetician will understand the benefits of all types of treatments and will be happy to make any recommendations for you.  Gentle and professional, we offer full body hair removal treatment treatment with these methods, excluding wax on intimate areas.

Book 3 or more body parts and recieve 15% off your hair removal.

Eyebrow Shaping
Upper Lip
Eyebrow & Upper Lip Combo
Upper Lip & Chin Combo
Jawline Only
Full Face
Full Face with Eyebrow Shaping
Nape of the Neck
Half Arms
Full Arms
Half Legs
Full Legs
Back & Chest Combo
Bikini Line
Under Arm & Bikini Line Combo
Brazilian (front and back)
Full Body

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