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Why Do Laser Hair Removal In The Winter?

Now is a great time to begin laser hair removal sessions

Hey hey!  We’re not sure if you’ve noticed but we often run a special offer on our Laser Hair Removal in the Fall and Winter months!  It’s not a coincidence!

The reason we prefer to treat clients in cooler months is two-fold.   

Our first (less science-y) reason is because we want you to be summer ready!  Smooth skin is sexy skin -we want you to be ready to work it for the summer.   What many of our first time consultation clients don’t realize is that Laser Hair Removal is a process and requires a commitment to multiple appointments.  While we wish we could eliminate all hair in one session, this simply isn’t possible -and it isn’t our fault! It’s the body’s fault ;) 

As you know, hairs are not permanently a part of our bodies.  Like all things, each hair has a lifespan.  After a single hair is shed it will often, in time, grow back.  Depending on which part of the body the hair is growing will often determine the lifespan. Each part of the body tends to re generate hairs differently.  Consider, if you were to shave your head and arms at the same time but did not shave them again for 2 years -the hair on the arm would never catch up in length to the hair on your head.  This is because the hair on the arms has a much shorter lifespan than the hair on your head.  The arm hairs shed more often -in other words, they die more quickly.

Each hair grows out of the skin, and this is what is seen by the naked eye. However, something incredible is happening below the skin.  Each individual hair has a life source -a tiny bulb positioned at the base of the follicle that gives nourishment to the hair.  If the bulb is damaged, the hair is weakened.  If the bulb is destroyed, so is the actively growing hair.  The bulb of an actively growing hair is an excellent target for the energy of a diode laser.  The bulb is plump, juicy and dark -this is exactly what laser light is drawn to and absorbed by.

When the hair bulb absorbs the laser light, the powerful energy (when set to the proper perimeters by a knowledgeable technician) is meant to completely destroy the hair bulb and follicle.  When sufficient damage is caused to the source that is producing and nourishing the hair, there is a very slim likelihood that that follicle will produce hair again. 

Let’s now assume that the hair we are treating is just beginning to grow or is on the decline.  The bulb of a hair that is not in comfortable active growth isn’t going to be as plump and juicy.  It also isn’t in position to accept the proper dosage of energy.  

There are many types of lasers and light therapies.  A factor that will differentiate the purpose and use of any particular energy is its depth penetration.  We’re talking the difference of millimetre’s… The distance between an active hair bulb and a beginning or declining hair bulb can alter how accessible it is to the laser energy.  This is based on its proximity to the surface of the skin, where the laser is being fired.   

In short; as darkly pigmented hairs cycle, they inevitably become a prime target for laser treatment.  Each individual hair is not always in prime position, even if the laser parameters are in perfect harmony.  For this reason, multiple treatments will be required over an area of skin, as each hair is cycling on its own clock.  The body will determine the number of treatments and it is very difficult for a technician to approximate how many treatments will be necessary.  

Now, the second reason we prefer to begin a sequence of laser treatments in the cooler months will be easily understood with all of this prior knowledge having been presented. 

As mentioned, laser light seeks out the darkness.  Dark skin types can absolutely qualify for laser hair removal but the parameters are very different for dark skin and light skin. The hairs themselves being targeted by the laser must be dark in colour no matter the skin type, or they will not absorb sufficient energy to be destroyed.  For this reason; blonde, red or white hairs will have a limited affect by laser hair removal treatment. 

When skin is fair and the hair is dark -this is the best possible combination for a laser treatment because the target is clear.  Although this is true, certain types of lasers and models are more qualified to treat heavily pigmented skin types than others.  Not all lasers are safe or effective to use on all skin types.  Gratefully, our Soprano diode laser is safe and effective on all skin types!

With these facts in mind, our skin type selection changes based on sun expose.  Too many varying parameters and skin tones altering with sun expose will lessen the effectiveness of a laser treatment.  In other words, your sun tan affects your laser treatment!

If it is possible to begin laser treatments before the summer sun seeks you out, it will be best to begin in cooler months with lesser sun exposure.  Besides all, start in Winter and your skin will be Summer sexy smooth!

If you have more questions about laser hair removal or how to take advantage of our current offers, please reach out -our consultations are always free.

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